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We have over 20 years experience in IT systems, security, digital workplaces and virtualisation. We are experts in automating and scaling out processes. We are leaders in the use of artificial intelligence and data analytics in the workplace.

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We Will Assist you at all stages of development

From the digitalisation of offices and factories to the implementation of blockchain and RegTech technologies, we have a secure solution.


Tell us your challenges

We will perform diagnostics on your current situation and make suggestions on how digitization can improve your business.


We design secure platforms

Depending on your industries regulations, we will prototype compliant solutions on trusted cloud providers.


We deliver

We implement secure solutions and handle the handover process including project management and staff training.

we secure your platforms

RDA Analytics provides secure solutions for cloud platforms. We provide you with the ability to govern your data securely. Our solutions are compliant with GDPR, ISO27K, PCI-DSS, NIST. etc.

Securing your e-workspace

Use Cases


we secure. Risk secure Solutions How WeCan Help The ability to perform comprehensive risk management relies on an organisation having a deep understanding of what

Cyber Threats

we secure. Cyber Threats secure Solutions How WeCan Help By understanding the different types of cyber attackers and how they operate, we can make rational

User Training And Awareness

we secure. User Training And Awareness secure Solutions How WeCan Help The majority of data breaches originate from compromised accounts. The majority of malware is

Security Orchestration

we secure. Security Orchestration secure Solutions How WeCan Help Divergent tools, not enough skilled personnel, and complexity of attacks mean that cyber operations need to

Cyber Resilience

we secure. Cyber Resilience secure Solutions How WeCan Help Information assurance is a way to implement cyber resilience. It protects your organisation from threats –

Identity And Access Management

we secure. Identity and Access Management secure Solutions How WeCan Help Identity and access management has become the new frontline against cyber attacks. Defense in

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Cloud Security For Niche Markets

Security Challenges In The Cloud

we secure Security challenges in the cloud stay connected How WeCan Help The use of cloud computing within organisations comes with both advantages and disadvantages.

RegTech For FinTech

we will do it together FinTech Regulations stay connected How WeCan Help Digital transformation requires the ability to disrupt markets quickly and maintain a dominant