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Whether you are new to the payment provider space or a cryptocurrency startup, regulations and compliance will come into force the more successful you get. From PSD2 to the EU Mica rule for cryptocurrencies, we can help you to meet the requirements.

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We implement all information security and risk programs including third party risk management, information security policies and procedures, responsible disclosure, incident response, data privacy, transaction monitoring, AML, KYC and strong customer authentication.


We implement the European Unions Market in Crypto Assets regulation requirements including; registering CASP's with regulatory bodies, implementing new EBA style technical requirements, preparing and filing new mandatory environmental and climate reports, security appraisals of crypto wallets - CASPs are now liable for losses from insecure wallets.


We perform internal audits and penetration testing on CeFi as well as Defi business processes and information systems. We also audit cryptocurrency ecosystem components such as wallets which crypto asset service providers are now liable for.


We are security architects for web2 and web3 infrastructure.

Billion dollar hacks, unstable stable coins and the proliferation of fake coins have made the introduction of regulation in cryptocurrencies inevitable. Find out how your company needs to prepare.

Information security and risk management implementation

Financial regulators such as the dutch DNB and the Luxembourg CSSF require payment service providers operating a SaaS in the cloud to have a SOCII as minimum. With the average time of SOCII implementation being between 6 months and 1 year, contact us today.

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