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The use of cloud computing within organisations comes with both advantages and disadvantages. Accessibility,  ease of scalability and the pay-per-use model makes it ideal for a more flexible way of doing business. However, ease of accessibility can lead to unauthorised access, loss of data integrity and theft. We show you the best prevention techniques.

Security Frameworks for cloud computing

confidentiality, integrity and availability

As a minimum, regulators and customers expect that organisations will provide the following security services: confidentiality, integrity and availability.  It is expected that data can only be viewed and modified by those authorised to do so and available in a timely manner. Organisations are expected to measure the risk to their assets and protect them accordingly. This usually requires a continual process of vulnerability analysis, threat modeling, intrusion prevention and detection and disaster and continuity planning. Cloud technologies increased the attack surface for cyber attackers and container vulnerability in particular is still being researched.

container Danger

Container security has a number of inherent issues which are currently being studied. Infiltration at the container level can compromise the infrastructure and badly behaving containers are difficult to observe.

“A modern cybersecurity program must have Board and Executive level visibility, funding, and support. The modern cybersecurity program also includes reporting on multiple topics: understanding how threats impact revenues and the company brand, sales enablement, brand protection, IP protection, and understanding cyber risk.”


plan of action

know your security posture

Where are you now and where do you need to be? The first step is to think about your industry and what security and data protection standards are required.  What data assets do you have, what is their location and how are they protected? We can help you create a data inventory and assess the risks.

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