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Identity and access management has become the new frontline against cyber attacks. Defense in depth strategies examine what happens when credentials are stolen by an attacker and used to perform inside attacks. Because the credentials are correct, an attack isnt flagged up by perimeter tools such as firewalls, IPS and IDS: the attacher is already inside the perimeter.



Most of us have had the experience of logging onto either a computer, laptop, tablet, mobile etc but few think about what we are actually doing. In security terms, we are presenting an identity to a system and using one of three ways to prove it. With a mobile phone, we can prove who we are through something that we know such as a pin code or something that we are such as fingerprints, or using our iris or other forms of biometric data. Sometimes we use something that we have such as a digi-reader.



The comprehensive protection of assets implies that once authorised onto a system, the user doesn’t automatically gain access to all assets. Access is determined by schemes such as RBAC

“One single vulnerability is all an attacker needs.”


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To fulfil most privacy and security regulations, organisations need to implement a “need to know” basis to data access.  Most data breaches occur through compromised accounts so the damage can be lessened if all account access is limited by role based access control (RBAC). 

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To protect against the limitations of central identification systems, companies are investing in using the blockchain to create sovereign identification architectures. To find out how to protect your assets now and in the future, contact us. 

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