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The majority of data breaches originate from compromised accounts. The majority of malware is introduced through mistakes made by users. In cyber security, end users play a significant role in keeping systems safe.

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At RDA analytics, we believe that all organisations should strive for information assurance – information security plus resilience. A worker deleting important data by accident is just as damaging to a business as a cyber attacker deliberately performing the same action. Mistakes and attacks by co-workers are easier to perpetrate and more damaging as they are already on the network. Most external attackers gain access by the actions of internal staff such as opening emails with malware, installing unsafe software and social engineering attacks. We give guidance and train your staff on proper and acceptable use and generate company wide policies.



Disgruntled staff can be a threat to any organisation as they already have access to the network and physical access to the office space. It is incredibly hard to determine malicious acts from insiders as the actions performed may be similar to their legal activities. By analysing privileged account activity, organisations are more quickly alerted to malicious acts by insiders.

“Passwords are like underwear: don’t let people see it, change it very often, and you shouldn’t share it with strangers.”


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Most security frameworks and legal obligations such as privacy laws and the GDPR make it a requirement for organisations to provide privacy and security training to staff.

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Employees are the endpoints of your security architecture and should be at the centre of your security training strategy.

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